Sunday, November 25, 2012

the state fair

This year we were a Utah State Fair Bunch, indeed.  We headed south with a bunch of lambs, a bunch of girls, and Grandma and Grandpa for what was mine and the girls first ever experience at the state fair.  Not sure how they'd weather the long days, we left Sam and Claire with Aunt Shelly and brought Meagan along to play with Emmy.  That was a good move on our part- we loved having Meagan along for the fun, and I don't think Claire or Sam would have appreciated our loooong lamb days! 
After an early morning to get the lambs weighed in and penned, the girls were ready to participate in Showmanship.  However, we got off to a rocky start when what should have been an hour or two show ended up lasting over 7 hours.  The girls were already tired, the lambs were a mess, and I didn't know if Ryenne would ever talk to us again (we'd convinced her to sign up on the notion that we'd have a fun, quick show and then head to the motel to go swimming!)  The fun, quick show didn't end up being so fun or quick!

After a rough, first day, things got much better!  The girls and the lambs did better than we'd expected in the market show- placing right up near the top of their classes!  They had a great time meeting new friends, going on rides, and exploring the scenery!  (Wow- that is some good people watching if I do say so myself!)  They were thrilled when Aunt Jodi brought the Stosich boys along one afternoon to join the fun!

They were quite impressed with this circus type act we caught one afternoon. . .

 . ..and were amazed with this enormous bull- it was taller than all the men!

Kate finally broke her unlucky streak and placed in the top for showmanship.  Her long day of waiting finally paid off and she did a fantastic job!  She couldn't have been more excited!  Way to go, Kate! 
As we packed up to go, it was unanimous. . .the girls voted to make the State Fair and annual affair.  Yiipee-iiii-aaaay!

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