Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've been working on the computer for like, 24 hours, trying to figure out how to do something that I know must be really simple, if only I knew what I was doing.

I've been thinking lots of swear words today.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Emmy strikes again!

Stay tuned for more adventures of Super Emmy, the panty runner.

Four months old!

Four months already? We can't believe it. Yet, we can't imagine life without her.
Here's the numbers:
14 lb. 14 oz.
24 1/2 inches long.
4 shots.
1 night of throwing up.
2 days of fever.
Gotta love well-checks!

Annual Christmas tree hunt

The day following Thanksgiving, we went to Idaho for our annual search for the perfect Christmas tree. This year, Grandma C & Bop came along for the hunt. Kate gave lessons in how it works:

"Everyone has to hike around to try to find the perfect tree. When someone finds it, the whole family has to surround the tree and everyone as to agree that it's the one."

After much, much hiking and searching, we finally happened upon the one. By this time, some of the members of our committee were a bit pooped. So, the available members of our family surrounded the tree and made a unanimous decision. (That would be Emmy and I). Joe, my Dad's mechanic was on hand to offer a few opinions and fire up the chainsaw.

We found a beauty.

Kate and her friend Alexis happily did all the work.

That evening, we convened for our annual sleepover around the tree.

It's official! The season has begun. . .

Sleepy heads

Thanksgiving, blessings, and a little ZZ Top

The girls anxiously awaited Thanksgiving this year. I must admit, it is one of my favorite holidays. Ryenne was a little alarmed at everyone's seeming rush for Christmas. She told me, "Mom, it's just like everyone is skipping right over Thanksgiving, and that's not good, because Thanksgiving is really important." I agree.

Like all good parents, we started off the morning with a little chat about our blessings and then spent some quality time having a wholesome family dance to the likes of Aerosmith and ZZ Top. Dad chose the music. Can you tell? (He was on the verge of breaking out his tape case from high school, but saved the girls from an early introduction to Metallica. Oh, the nineties.)

The dance would not be complete without lessons by Dad on our "rock-on face". I'm proud to say we all mastered our mosh pit skills with finesse.

As I'm sure you can imagine, we worked up quite an appetite. We filled our stomachs with our traditional Thanksgiving morning breakfast, Eggnog French Toast. Ymmmmm. It's true, nothing makes you count your blessings quite as much as a little Thanksgiving morning rockin'.

Sweet Baby Claire

Claire is growing too fast.
We all find great delight in each little milestone.
She's the sweetest little thing we've ever laid eyes on.

The smiles, the giggles, her cute little chubby legs.

We can't help but smile back.

It's impossible to listen to her little babbling sounds and not pick her up,

cuddle her close,

and hold her like we're never gonna let go.

She makes us all smile inside.
One thing's for sure.
Where Miss Claire's concerned,

It's true love.

Fun times with the B Family

My old (actually, she's not too old, maybe "former" is a better word!) roomate, Darcie invited the girls and I to spend the weekend at their house about a month ago.

My girls were so excited to finally meet Caroline and Madi in person, after looking at the cute girls on the blog for so long. On our drive to Salt Lake, Kate admitted she was a little nervous. In fact, when we arrived, none of the girls spoke for the first while.

Soon, though, it was all giggles.

The girls had a great time. The B girls treated us to pizza, waffles, and a morning at the Children's museum.

The Wood girls are already planning the next reunion!
You can never have too many girls!

Cookie Monsters

Each Wednesday, Emmy has music class with her good friend, Wyatt. These two smart kids quickly figured out that is very convenient for the Moms to arrange a playtime following music class. You see, Lori (Wyatt's mom) drives them home from music class, and I drive Ashley (Wyatt's big sister) and Kate home from music class in the afternoon. Anyhow, it works out perfectly for these two to play for a few hours until the afternoon class. Lori and I can pretty well count on a phone call every Wednesday morning from one or the other of them, planning out the day. They are pretty cute little friends. The best part is listening to their conversations. I wish I had a tape recorder to tape them! Hopefully, they'll stay good friends for a long, long time!