Sunday, September 30, 2007


This past week when I went to transfer our pictures from our card to the computer. It had the first day of school pictures and most of our summer on it. But for some reason it is saying the card is not formatted. Bummer! We don't know why, because we've been using it for years. So while we're trying to recover all of those pictures, I thought I'd practice this blog thing with some of our old ones! This past summer we headed to Oregon for a fun family getaway. We went to the northern coast and had fun playing on the beach (we loved Cannon Beach) looking at the tidepools at Haystack Rock. . .
. . . .and enjoying the sunsets. We had fun roasting smores on the beach one night and telling scary stories. The water was pretty cold, but we found some pretty cool creatures and shells. We had to visit the Tillamook cheese factory (and sample the ice cream, of course)!
We also loved the town of Astoria. So many cool houses and history. There was some fun museums there, and we loved the trolley ride. Kate and Emmy even got to "drive" the trolley! All in all, it was a pretty fun trip. (But what a long drive!) Kate told us after the trip that it was so much fun that when she grows up she wants to be an Oregoner!!

Ryenne's "Family Rules"

Courtney and I were pleased to find a list of Ryenne's (pronounced Ryan) "House Rules" that she had composed last week. Just in case you were looking for a few family rules, this list may offer some assistance. We especially liked rule #8. Very good rule.

The House Rules!

1. No yelling.
2. No sassing.
3. No hurting.
4. No kissing boys or girls.
5. No staying up!
6. No stealing without permission.
7. No teasing if not okay with others.
8. No doing anything that is bathroom stuff without saying excuse me.
9. Be respectful.
10. Obey mom and dad

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

. . .Now, I've got picture's here, but you have to walk up your wall so you can see some of them. Aaaaaaaagh! Sorry this will have to do. Any help is obviously needed. Now we all know that I could have skipped the bowling class in college and opted for a little something more, shall we say, technological? Nevertheless, here is a few pictures of us at some of our finer moments.

I'm not giving up!

Okay girls. So this is supposed to be easy? It is now way past my bedtime and I can't figure out how to get my pictures from one place to the other and actually show up on the blog! I definitely need help. This is a time to be happy . . .this is a time to be happy. (I'll just keep repeating that.)