Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my sweet kate

After seven weeks of my mister being away, I'm decided.  I like my life lots better when we're together.  Really, I like my life either way, but let's face it.  It's a gazillion times nicer the together way.

Last night was one of those nights.  Enough said.  Anyhow, I was dragging myself through the cleaning-up-before-I-head-to-bed phase, when Kate came out of her bedroom and asked, "Mom, what can I do to help?"  I don't think there are another seven words in the English language that could have meant as much to me as those seven did last night. 

I thought about last week when I was tired and trying to settle everyone down for bedtime.  I didn't feel too sad, but had to put on my "I mean business" hat (if you know what I mean).  Pretty soon I heard Kate in her room, sobbing.  (You've never heard heart wrenching until you've heard Kate cry.  She cries with all her heart.)  It took me a while to get her to explain her sadness, but she finally let it out.  Throwing her arms around my waist, she cried, "Mom, I just can't stand it when you're sad." 

What a sweet, sweet girl.

I think I'll think of her kindness all day today.  Armed with those memories and a morning bit of chocolate, I think we're going to make it. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

samuel and abigail

When my sister and I found out we were expecting babies (turns out, they are the last for both of us!) close to the same time, we were so happy.  To make it even more fun, she got a little girl and we got our little man.  Abigail has five older brothers, and Samuel, of course, has four older sisters!  (Aunt Kelsey says she thinks she's more worried about Samuel amidst all those girls than Abigail with the boys!)

Jodi and I laugh and talk about how fun it is for each of us to swap pink for blue and vice versa.  The other day Jodi was telling me about how much she loves decking Abigail out in all of the cute girl things, and worried out loud that as she gets older, what if all she wants to wear is Under Armour and basketball shorts?  (I highly doubt it- she's got a pretty stylin' mom!)   We laughed.  I love to see Jodi with a bundle of pink and ribbons and we are having just as much fun with all these boy clothes.  Who ever said boy clothes aren't as cute?  I'm thinking they're pretty fun!

The day of Samuel's blessing, we took the chance to snap a few pictures of the two of them.  Abigail is two months older, but you wouldn't know it.  Our boy's got some meat on him! 

I love the look on his face in this picture.  Kind of like a "yeah, chicks dig me" sort of look.

"Abigail and Samuel sitting in a tree. . ." (except not really the k-i-s-s-i-n-g part, cuz you know. . . they're cousins and all).

fun for all and all for fun

Fun.  Funny.  Funtastic?

Just thinking of a few words to describe these kiddos of mine.  Here's a few stories about this week. . .

Uh, wait just a minute.

Okay, I'm back.  Had to take a wee little break as Claire was army crawling out of her bedroom (she's a sneaky one, that girl).  Never wanting to miss a party, she has been known to be on the very most edge of sleep only to stand up and do a cartwheel to wake herself up again.  She's a party a minute.  Her current obsession is Mickey Mouse's Three Musketeers.  She watches it every morning.  And then?  The rest of us get to play the part of Donald, Daisy, Goofy, or Minnie for the rest of the day.  Also, she's a teensy bit angry at her dad for leaving her home this week.  "I told him to wait for me!  I told him I was going to work with him this day!"  He did take her to work with him on Saturday (he's a brave man), and in her mind, she's now a permanent fixture.  A day with dad + lunch at Arby's = a good day.  A favorite story from her work day with dad was when he was getting her dressed.  She chose her family reunion tie-dyed shirt.  Then she told him, "Dad, you should where your tie-dye shirt too!"  When he told her he didn't know where it was (he tries to forget), she said, "You should find it, Dad!  And then everyone would see you and say, 'Wow!  That guy looks sooo cool!'" 

I'm not way into decorating this year.  We have a tree up, and enough to feel festive, but I don't feel worried about the details this year.  Just enough to make it fun for the kids.  What I am loving, though is the growing number of presents under our tree.  Not one is from me.  The girls are so excited to give presents to each other and have been busy making and gathering.  The other day I had to smile when I saw a squishy wrapped present that bares a remarkable resemblance to a pillow.  When questioned, the giver told me with glee, "I thought she would like it!"  A day or two later, I saw another certain sister sneak out with a pair of favorite pants rolled up in a bundle and stuff them into a gift bag for her younger sister.  Love these moments.

Mr. Samuel found his hands this week.  Did I mention how cute he is?  I love watching him staring at his hands, rubbing them together and turning them around with this look on his face that says, "Wow!  These things are really cool!"  Along with his hands, he's discovered his voice.  We love sitting in front of him and letting him tell us all of his big stories.  He's got the best grin- I've heard a few people say that he smiles with his whole body!  The other morning Ryenne stole a few quick moments with him before she went off to school.  With a happy smile, she concluded that we should take him to the old folks home one day.  "I'll bet he'd make all their spirits soar," she said.

Emmy's still struggling with going to school.  She claims to have terrible tummy aches, but they miraculously disappear the minute she's home (on a happy note, I guess that means she likes me?)  To my dismay, all my usual techniques aren't working.  In fact, I'm failing miserably.  We've gone to the doctor to make sure things aren't awry.   I've spoken with the teacher and the principal to try to discover any concerns she may have.  When I asked Kate if Emmy seems to have enough friends, she told me, "Mom, that's not a problem for Emmy."  Last week it got so bad that she started hiding from me when it came time for school.  In fact, one morning she was one step ahead of me and when I went to wake her up she was gone.  Gone!  I looked for what seemed like an eternity and finally announced in a bit of a panic, "Emmy, if you are hiding, please come out!" (She didn't).  Finally I found her waaaay under her bed.  I'll just say we've had a fair share of mornings (as in every one) that I've had to literally push her out the door in tears.  It breaks my heart.  But.  Here's the happy part.  I had a revelation the other night.  I remembered how Emmy really likes to look cute.  A lot.  So I pulled out the box of "handydowns" and we found some new-to-Emmy clothes.  The next morning she was dressed to kill and I went the extra mile curling her hair.  I'll tell you what- cuteness has definitely reduced the tears.  Not cured, mind you.  But hey, I'm all about baby steps.  I told Courtney we may have to break the budget to get that girl an education, but whatever works, eh?

Now, on to Kate.  Tonight she was making her way to bed when she turned back and buried her head into a pillow.  She seemed to be quite upset about something.  When I investigated, she sighed in despair.  "It's just that I don't know what I"m going to do with my life, and what if I have kids like her?"  The last statement was directed toward Claire who was (as is typical) jumping off something and making all kinds of racket.  All I could think of to tell her is that sometimes I am haunted by those very questions.  Just kidding.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a career out of this mothering business, and those kids?  Yip, they're mine.  Alllllll mine. 

Another Kate story.  This morning I was helping her choose an outfit, and I must say I outdid myself.  She looked mighty dapper.  The only problem is that her leggings just met the top of her boots and she was afraid she might get a little chilly.  To that, I suggested that she wear some tall socks and pull them up over her leggings so the top of them showed just over her boots.  I mentioned that it was "the style".  She tried it on one foot, but was not convinced.  After I encouraged her with my best sales pitch, she continued to dress her other foot and asked dryly (in a way that only Kate can), "So, mom.  Since when do you get out enough to see what's 'in style'?"  Okay, maybe I've seen it in a magazine or something, okay? 

Last but not least, I leave you with my Ryenne.

This girl speaks to me sometimes about what she calls her "awesome powers".  After walking around the DI last night with her in this get-up (it got better as we went), I am convinced.

That girl definitely possesses some awesomeness.  And, she makes me laugh.

Now that's a super power I appreciate.