Sunday, January 30, 2011

first snowstorm of the year

(Just found these pictures from way back in November. . . .they made me smile.)

(I love that if you look closely in front, our little snow family even includes Buddy.)

good riddance january

So long, Mr. thirty-one dark, winter days.

Farewell, January 2011.

You have earned the honored distinction of being the longest month of my life. 

Sure, you've brought plenty of fun.  Two trips to the mountains.  Mostly healthy kids.  Four super crazy, busy weeks.  A few more pounds (Hey, thanks a lot by the way.)

Let's just be honest here.  I've had more than enough of you.  I'm ready for spring.  Sunshine. 

We both know that neither of those things will happen in January, so let's just call it good.  A truce, maybe?

I'll finally get caught up on our first-month-of-the-new-year happenings, and you'll leave me alone for another 365 days?

Alrighty, then.  It's a deal.

Hasta-la-vista.  See ya later, alligator.   Not for a while, crocodile.  Don't wanna see you soon, you big baboon.

You get my point?

welcome party

A few days after Christmas, we invited these handsome cousins to stay for a day or two.  The girls were, oh-so-excited.  So excited, in fact, that they spent the afternoon before the boy's big arrival making a gigantic welcome sign.   I had gone somewhere and came home to find creativity abounding and paint flying.  (I may or may not be a stinker about paint usage in our house, and may or may not have had to swallow my urge to damper all the fun when I saw the purple, orange, and green fingerprints through the house.)

We didn't arrive home with the much anticipated guests until late that evening, and the group excitedly headed for the playhouse for sleepover #1.  Unfortunately, spirits were so high that mean ol' mom and dad had to put the kibosh on the whole ordeal and bring the lot of 'em inside.  Even worse?  After several failed attempts, we split them up in oldest/youngest pairs.  Are we party poopers or what?  But, alas.  We aren't known as the Meanest Mom and Dad In the World for nothing.  The whole crew was asleep in nothing flat after the unfortunate separation.  Thanks to the much needed sleep (it was two days after Christmas, for heaven's sake!) the gang received that first night, the rest of the party went on without a hitch. 

Fun was had by all.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy and happier

My sister has five boys (except she kinda has six, it's just that one of her boys is a lot bigger than the others.)  She is also pregnant with her sixth child.  Last night, last night! she went to get a peak at this little babe.  And then she called me right away (because that is what sisters do, don't you know?).  I had been waiting all night, so when Courtney he asked me in a very urgent voice, "what time was Jodi going in?",  I said (in a very urgent voice), "SIX!"  And then he said, "You just missed a phone call!"  You can bet I ordered him on a dead run to find my phone, which he obediently did.  Sure enough, it was Jodi.  As you might imagine, I called her as fast as my little finger could find the right button, only to find she didn't answer.  On the phone, I was sure.  Just to make sure that she knew I was now available, I called three more times in the next 3 minutes.  Just so she knew.  When that didn't work, I left a message that said, "Jodi, I AM DYING!"  Much to my relief, she called me back right away. 

Can I just say that one can only understand the drama of this evening if one has a multitude of either girls OR boys.  If you have one of each, you just can't understand the magnitude of this moment.  Just my personal opinion, that is all.

So.  When she asked me how I was doing, I wanted to say, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"   Because who has time for small talk at times like this?

Not one to beat around the bush, I cut to the chase and asked, "Wellllllllllllll!  What is it?"

And then she said, "What do you think?"

I, of course (ever the optimist) replied, "A girl, of course!"

To which she replied,

"IT IS!" 

There were a whole lot of happy people last night.  I'm not yet decided about who is happiest, but you can bet we have a Pink Party already in the making.

Friday, January 7, 2011

christmas morning. . .two weeks late

One of my favorite moments of Christmas morning 2010 was Claire trying to wake up and get into the spirit of things.  We had gotten to bed super late the night before and she had a nasty cold besides.  Needless to say, she wasn't feeling so merry when she woke up.  We and the girls were snuggling on our bed waiting for Grandma and Bop to arrive when Claire came stumbling in.  Kate excitedly declared, "Merry Christmas Claire!"  To which Claire immediately responded in her grouchiest, growliest voice, "Don't say Merry Christmas Kate."
tutu number one

tutu number two (try and say that ten times fast)

tutu number three


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

some day soon

Some day soon I'll clean my house.

Take down the tree.

Pack the ornaments.

Tuck the lights away 'til next year.

Wash the dishes.

Do the laundry.

Mop the floors.

Clean out a closet.

Write a resolution.

Today I will be happy.

I will laugh.


Read a book.

Hug my child.

Make a memory.

Say a prayer.

Kiss my husband.

Count my blessings.

I am finding that my some-day-soon's will wait.  My list will be rewritten even as I am checking it off.  Done and redone.  The house will mysteriously soil all the while I am striving to clear away the grime.  I'm afraid it is a cycle I cannot conquer.

My today's, on the other hand, won't hang around.  The things most important to me won't stand still, waiting for me to take notice.  Little feet grow big.  Once unscheduled days are soon filled with activity.  Here today, gone tomorrow. 

I have only one chance.

My trickiest trick of all is finding the balance.  Managing the necessary some-day-soon's while making time for the more important today's.  A never ending balancing act, I find.  Eventually, I hope to figure it out.  Live my days without regret.  But what of today,  this day?

I will laugh.  I will love.  I will enjoy.

The rest?  Oh, I'll get around to it. . .some day soon.

christmas eve

Woke up early. 

Tried my best to keep children from bouncing through the ceiling.  (Remember that scene from Mary Poppins where they visit the quirky uncle who can't stop laughing and then they all get giggling so hard that they are literally bouncing off the ceiling?  That was us on Christmas Eve morning.)

Slave worked 'em all for an hour or two so Santa had tidy quarters whereupon he might leave his loveliness.

Loaded up and headed to the matinee, Tangled.  Love, love, loved it.  I even loved Claire climbing all. over. and bribing her to stay on my lap by saying (every two minutes), "Oh!  Santa's watching!"  Worked every time.  I also loved holding Ryenne's hand and sharing popcorn and the look of sheer joy on Kate's face (like she was going to laugh right out loud) as the movie ended. Took a picture in my mind so I wouldn't forget.

Went to the dollar store to buy white elephants and dollar gifts for the girls to exchange with cousins.  Found some good ones.  Went to the dirty, musty dollar store bathroom/cleaning closet three times in ten minutes because everyone had to go.  Everyone.  Glad they had a bathroom, even if it was super yucky.

Arrived at Grandma's house with all the cousins.  Hooray!

Yummy food.  Great company. 

Almost kicked all the uncles' pants in a rowdy game of Spoons (they all cheat).  Exchanged white elephant gifts, and our lives are now fulfilled.  Courtney and I received not one, but two handheld urinals.  Never know when you're gonna need one of those.

Dr. Stosich- sporting his new tattoo sleeve, sure to be a hit with all the patients. 

Shawn and his Cheetah Chatter bible.  Who knew?

All the other ladies get  a fancy new hat, and I end up with a urinal?  

We are all so happy when Ronnie was gifted his very own important visitor.  Buddy was not thrilled, however, and spent the rest of the night barking and growling at the special guest.  To Mr. President:  I regret to inform you that you will not be receiving Buddy's vote during the next election.

Lovely nativity (as always). 

Christmas PJ's!  Everyone loves their new sleepwear, especially the five Stosich boys when Aunt Jodi announces a new baby on the way- double Hooray!

Head home at 1:00 in the morning.  Dad makes sure girls are snug and nestled into the playhouse, with sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads.   

I slept inside with my best guy, of course, dreaming of happy little girls.

The merriest of nights - a Christmas Eve to remember.