Wednesday, January 5, 2011

some day soon

Some day soon I'll clean my house.

Take down the tree.

Pack the ornaments.

Tuck the lights away 'til next year.

Wash the dishes.

Do the laundry.

Mop the floors.

Clean out a closet.

Write a resolution.

Today I will be happy.

I will laugh.


Read a book.

Hug my child.

Make a memory.

Say a prayer.

Kiss my husband.

Count my blessings.

I am finding that my some-day-soon's will wait.  My list will be rewritten even as I am checking it off.  Done and redone.  The house will mysteriously soil all the while I am striving to clear away the grime.  I'm afraid it is a cycle I cannot conquer.

My today's, on the other hand, won't hang around.  The things most important to me won't stand still, waiting for me to take notice.  Little feet grow big.  Once unscheduled days are soon filled with activity.  Here today, gone tomorrow. 

I have only one chance.

My trickiest trick of all is finding the balance.  Managing the necessary some-day-soon's while making time for the more important today's.  A never ending balancing act, I find.  Eventually, I hope to figure it out.  Live my days without regret.  But what of today,  this day?

I will laugh.  I will love.  I will enjoy.

The rest?  Oh, I'll get around to it. . .some day soon.

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Darcie said...

I made a goal to take my tree down New Year's Day... and I'm looking at it still right this minute. :) I think your today list sounds wonderful...