Thursday, September 30, 2010

finally. . .

Our girls feel like they are the most unfortunate girls in the world. 

To be quite honest, I must concur.  Each time I look at my children, I am overwhelmed at what a sad, pitiful existence they endure each and every day.  Tears to my eyes. . .tears to my eyes.

I suppose a parent should feel some satisfaction when their children feel that their lives are so overwhelmingly bleak.   Perhaps it means we are doing our jobs?  I remember thinking the same thing about my life as a child, and now I look back on my upbringing as being quite happy. 

I'm counting on the reverse psychology method.

Anywho.  One such reason for the girls to feel out of sorts about life in general is the simple fact that until two weeks ago, they had never been to Lagoon.

"Never, ever, ever!" 

Just in case you don't feel sorry for them yet, let me help them plead their cause. . .

According to their statistics, they are the only girls who have never been to Lagoon.  In fact, they are the only children (boy or girl) who had yet to experience the thrill. 

In the whole entire state.

Are you weeping yet?

After many, many sad lamentations about their meager circumstances, Courtney and I were forced to extend a hand of humanity.  (Only to ward off an investigation by the CPS, of course).

Here is the deal.  As part of this past summer's Child Labor Summer Camp, they were given the opportunity to earn "Daddy Bucks", which they could save for a family trip to the above Amusement Park.  Once they earned $100, we would give them a day off and buy them a ticket for a day of fun, fun, fun.   

Basically, we slave worked 'em to Lagoon.

We wore their fingers to the bone all through June and July, and as August came to a close, they had made it to $100.  By the skin of their teeth, that is.

But, a deal is a deal.  And so it was that we packed a lunch and loaded up the oldest three (what?  I sure didn't get a hundred buck's worth of work out of Miss Claire!), and headed toward our grand adventure.  

Other than the fact that we happened to pick the busiest day of the year (turns out that just about one hundred gigantic corporations slave-worked their employees to Lagoon too), we had a fabulous day.

If my memory serves me correctly, I recall that the girls were too chicken to ride about 75% of the rides (they get that from their Dad).  They are always a little bit hesitant about the "tummy rides", but usually ended up loving everything they dared try.  Kate was the one who was raring to try just about anything. . . up until it was time to climb into the ride, that is.  Maybe I should have pushed a little harder, but there is just something about shoving my sobbing eight year old into the roller coaster seats. . .I just couldn't do it.  (Again, just trying to avoid an investigation.)

We talked them into riding the Tidal Wave (I think that's what it's called).  It was pretty exciting at first, but after a few swings back and forth, Emmy wasn't so sure.

The Kiddie-land rides were a little more her speed.

The Twentieth Century swings were the definite favorites.  I think we went on that ride no less than 10 times.  I have to admit it was worth the price of the tickets to watch the girls experience the sensation of flying.  Complete joy!  I wish I could have captured their faces as they soared through the air.  It was so much fun to watch.

We had a blast on the Rattlesnake Rapids ride.  We were completely soaked by the end, but we laughed and laughed.  Even better?  We got to walk around for the rest of the day looking like we'd wet our pants. 

When all was said and done, we had a great time.  Even though we didn't experience a huge variety of rides, we spent a full day having fun and didn't leave until dark.  You could say we got our money's worth. 

And the girls? 

We're just hoping that this day at Lagoon will be the one little bright spot in an otherwise dismal existence. 

If we're lucky, it will at least be enough to get them through the next few months of pain and agony.

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