Monday, September 20, 2010

a wise choice

(You need not remind me how my prom dress looks like we are getting married.  And yes, I realize my sleeves are bigger than my head.)

The other night we were eating dinner when the conversation shifted to Prom. 

One of the girls asked Courtney if he had ever been to Prom, to which he answered that yes, he had.  Two times, in fact.

Of course, the next question was, "Did you go with Mom both times?"

Before he could answer, Ryenne did for him.  "No, only once,  He went with another girl, too."

Gasps all around!  Dad went on a date with another girl?

Quickly, Kate intervened. 

"That was when he didn't have much sense."

And then to her Dad she offered these words of approval, "You were wise to choose Mom."

In the face of Kate's wisdom, we were thankfully reminded of the happiness we share.

And all because Courtney chose to abandon an early life of sin.

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Darcie said...

What?!? Courtney went on a date with another girl?!!