Friday, September 17, 2010

way cooler than a yellow bus

On Labor Day the girls were spending a few hours at  Grandma's house, but what to their wondrous eyes did appear?

Bop and his Harley.

It's hard to believe, but that night was the first ride they had been on with Bop all summer (except that it was kind of already fall.)

Even Claire rode (we start 'em out early), and was muy impressed. 

"Claire like Harley-Harley," she repeated for days.

My girls were so inspired by their ride with Bop that they decided it would be very, very cool if he would take them to school on his bike.  As you might imagine, the next morning, they called him very early to arrange their pick up.  As it was very, very chilly, Bop declined and promised to take them on Friday, providing it was a little bit warmer.

So. . . .Friday morning, Ryenne called Bop first thing.

"Good morning, Bop!  Do you remember what day it is?"

Ryenne also requested that he bring a helmet for her that, preferably, did not look like an "army helmet".  (Fashion over function, always!  That's my Ryenne.)

So, Bop and the girls rode off into the morning, backpacks in tow. 

Later that afternoon, when I picked them up from school (in a much less flashy manner, I'm afraid), I asked them how the ride to school went.

"Fun!  But Cold!  And then Bop went the wrong way and we had to ride around all the buses!"

But the most important part? 

"Tons" of kids saw them arrive. 

Thanks Bop for giving us the "cool factor"!   It's nice to have a sweet ride, if only for a day.

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