Wednesday, September 8, 2010

celebrating emmy and claire

Claire and Emmy's birthdays are not quite a week apart, so we did a little joint celebrating this year.  One party with the grandparents, two cakes, and two very excited girls. 
(I love how Claire is singing "Happy Birthday" to herself in this picture.)

(Grandpa was overcome by all the fun.)
(Hmmmm.  I can't figure out how she might have ever broken her arm. . .)
No party is complete without a performance.

On Emmy's big day, we woke her with a flamin' donut (a family tradition).
Later that day, we had a little party with a few of Emmy's friends.  This was her first party, and although it was a bit last minute, she thought it was grand.
No party is complete without a little "Pin the skirt on Emmy"!  (It's amazing how resourceful you get twenty minutes before a party.)
The girls loved decorating thier very own cakes.
Happy Birthday Claire and Emmy. . .two of our favorite gals!

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