Wednesday, September 22, 2010

leidertards and tutus

This is Claire.

This is how Claire looks almost every day.

At home.

At music class.

At the doctor.

And the ward party.

She calls this outfit her "ballet".
Lest she get tired of this outfit, she has a few other options, which she refers to as leidertards and tutus.  On a good day, she even wears two tutus.  We like to be thorough.

Claire spends her days dancing, singing, and watching ballet.  She can almost always talk someone into
"dancing with me", and has the girls roped into teaching her their moves.  After all, who can refuse these little legs?

Ryenne said yesterday that she is over 99 percent sure that Claire will grow up to be a professional ballerina.

We have the leidertard.  We have the tutu. 

So I'm pretty sure Ryenne is right. 

The rest is in the bag.


Melissa Summers said...

What a cute post about Claire. I love that you all embrace the dancer in her. BTW. I too had sleeves that huge on my prom dress!! :)

Darcie said...

Love that she wore that to the ward party! Madi wore her's to the ward softball game last summer. Pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Trisha said...

Too cute!