Wednesday, September 1, 2010

did i tell you how cool this girl is?

I just have to say it.  I think Ryenne is pretty cool. 

She did an awesome job showing her lamb, marching 'ol Porkchop right out into the ring. 

When I was her age, I barely even knew what a lamb looked like!  And here's my girl, parading around the arena like she owns the place.  (Well, she was a little bit nervous.)

She came away with a blue ribbon and a smile. 

Blue ribbon?  Pretty fun.

Smile?  Even better.

But seriously.  How many ten year olds do you know that can muscle around a 120 pound lamb? 

I told you she is cool.

1 comment:

Darcie said...

i love seeing your mom in the background smiling with grandma pride. :)