Sunday, September 5, 2010

see courtney run

Meet Courtney.
Meet Kelly.
Meet Courtney and Kelly.

Courtney and Kelly like to swim.
And bike.
And run.

Courtney and Kelly are busy.
They don't swim, bike, or run very often.

Courtney and Kelly are silly.

Courtney and Kelly do a silly race.
They do a silly race called "The Spudman".

Courtney and Kelly sleep.
They sleep on the grass.
They don't get much sleep on the grass.

Meet Trica. 
Trica is a friend.

Trica brings her family to the silly race.
They sleep on the grass too.
Trica and her family are silly.

See Courtney swim.
See Kelly swim.
See Kelly get kicked in the face.
See Courtney and Kelly wish they had practiced swimming more.

How silly.

See Courtney bike.
See Kelly bike.
See Courtney and Kelly wish they had practiced biking lots more.
See Kelly be happy to get off her bike.

See Kelly shuffle.
Kelly tries to run.

Kelly feels silly.
Kelly tells Tricia,
"This might take a while".
See Courtney run.
See Courtney finish.
Courtney is happy.
Happy, happy Courtney.
See Trica's family.
Fun, fun family.
Here comes Kelly.
Happy, happy Kelly.
Done at last.
Silly Courtney.
Silly Kelly.
Courtney and Kelly like The Spudman.
They think it is fun.

How silly.

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Heather W. said...

Awesome....... way to go!