Wednesday, September 8, 2010

back to school brunch

Toward the first of the summer the girls and I wrote our annual "Things We Want To Do This Summer" list.  Some things we got checked off, some we didn't.  At the top of the girls list was a 'Back to School Party'.  I am not too good at play dates or parties, so I guess they felt they had to be specific if they wanted something fun to happen. 

We decided on a brunch, and invited a few friends along with their moms to celebrate the arrival of a new school year.  I had to limit the numbers a little to make it feasible, and the girls had a hard time narrowing down their lists.  (I'm always a little bit of a bummer that way.)  They were so excited to deliver the invites and could hardly wait for the big day.  In fact, as the time approached for their guests to arrive, Kate and Emmy stood right out on the front lawn to see everyone come.  They were jumping up and down, absolutely giddy with excitement. 

We kept things simple and it ended up being a lot of fun.  We started with a quick game where the girls introduced themselves, their grade, and announced their new teacher.  The moms followed by telling who their teacher had been in that grade and sharing a fun story from that school year (some of us had to dig pretty deep!)  It was so fun to hear the mom's stories and good for me to be reminded that the growing pains we tend to experience each year are normal (and that we all survived)!   We ate and visited, ending the party with Moms giving the girls pedicures and manicures to get pretty for the big day. 

Primped, pretty, and pumped for the big day. 

 Happy back-to-school girls!

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