Thursday, December 8, 2011

samuel and abigail

When my sister and I found out we were expecting babies (turns out, they are the last for both of us!) close to the same time, we were so happy.  To make it even more fun, she got a little girl and we got our little man.  Abigail has five older brothers, and Samuel, of course, has four older sisters!  (Aunt Kelsey says she thinks she's more worried about Samuel amidst all those girls than Abigail with the boys!)

Jodi and I laugh and talk about how fun it is for each of us to swap pink for blue and vice versa.  The other day Jodi was telling me about how much she loves decking Abigail out in all of the cute girl things, and worried out loud that as she gets older, what if all she wants to wear is Under Armour and basketball shorts?  (I highly doubt it- she's got a pretty stylin' mom!)   We laughed.  I love to see Jodi with a bundle of pink and ribbons and we are having just as much fun with all these boy clothes.  Who ever said boy clothes aren't as cute?  I'm thinking they're pretty fun!

The day of Samuel's blessing, we took the chance to snap a few pictures of the two of them.  Abigail is two months older, but you wouldn't know it.  Our boy's got some meat on him! 

I love the look on his face in this picture.  Kind of like a "yeah, chicks dig me" sort of look.

"Abigail and Samuel sitting in a tree. . ." (except not really the k-i-s-s-i-n-g part, cuz you know. . . they're cousins and all).

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