Sunday, November 25, 2012

miss emmy's classroom

One of Emmy's favorite things to do is teach school.  She has done this for years, and is always setting up a classroom of sorts, whether it be to teach music at "primary", preschool to Claire, or to teach her pretend students.  She is really good at it too!  She loves to plan family home evenings (I wish I could say we were one of those organised families who assign the children to teach lessons, but we are way to informal for that).  She will come up with an idea, complete with a lesson, craft, and game and ask if she can be in charge.  She also comes up with great art activities to teach Claire.  At any given time  you come to our house, you will probably find a school set up in our front entry or family room (or both!).  She usually has centers organised with different activities, a schedule posted, and her lessons planned out for the day.  I've been trying to convince her that the playhouse make the most perfect classroom, but am not always successful!  One thing is for sure, if Emmy decides to be a teacher one day, she will have had lots of practice! 

Emmy makes a pretty good student, too!  Despite having had a hard time wanting to go to school for a while this year, we received this kind note from her teacher:

Courtney and Kelly,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy having Emmy in my class. She is such a sweet girl. She is so smart, kind and hard working. Thanks for all you do for her, she is great.

Thank goodness for terrific teachers!

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