Monday, November 12, 2012

sam's first birthday (and daddy's birthday,too!)

Holy Cow!  Sam turned one already?  
After what I think has been the fastest, craaaaaziest year of our lives, we celebrated Sam and Daddy's birthday.  I sure love these two boys!
Being that these two handsome boys have a birthday right smack in the middle of fair week, we didn't do anything too crazy!  We started off the morning with a lunch date with Grandma and Grandpa, then off to the lamb sale!  (And poor Sam got left with a babysitter on account of me not wanting to chase him up and down the bleachers for two hours.)

And after the lambs were sold and shipped out?  A party, of course!  We ordered us some pizza, and settled in for a fun night of food, candles, and birthday celebration (okay, I might have been celebrating good-riddance-of-the-lambs too)!

"This is AWESOME," he says!
I don't know who was more excited for this Tonka truck, Sam or Dad!  We spent a good solid evening of toy shopping before Sam's birthday to find just the right "metal, not plastic" dump truck!  Courtneys waited a looooong time to give a present like this!

How many grandma's does it take to change a diaper?

Happy Birthday to our two favorite boys!

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