Sunday, November 25, 2012

first day of school 2012

I'm always a little bit sad when summer ends and I have to send the girls off to school.  I can't help but think the ol' "where in the heck is time going?" when I stand outside with my now big girls who used to be so little.  To think that this is Kate's last year at elementary school makes me almost cry - real tears! 
I've got to get serious about finding a jar to stick them in to stop them from growing.  I'm always telling them that. . .

Kate was thrilled to get Mr. Esplin, and Emmy started off the year the way she ended first grade, with Mrs. Pete as a substitute!  She loves her, and has had her for a few months at a time for two years in a row while her teacher was out after having a baby!

Now that Ryenne is too big to make her stand outside for a picture ("no one does that anymore, mom"), sniff, sniff, I had to settle for snapping a picture from the car.  Thankfully, her friend Brylee's mom was just ahead of us and sneaked a real picture for me. 
The first day of 7th grade was a little traumatic for Ryenne, after she got her schedule all mixed up.  Thankfully, we recovered from that first bad day and she's done great ever since.  I look at her and am so proud of her and the great girl she is.  I admit, 7th grade was not my favorite (to put it mildly), and so it causes me a little bit of anxiety to send my little girl off to what I remember as such hard years.  I have to say, I think Ryenne is doing it a lot more gracefully than I did.

Here's to another great year (that's already a third of the way over. . .Eeek!)

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