Sunday, November 25, 2012

if you like these, i have twelve hundred more

Twelve hundred is not an exaggeration.  Really. 

One night after I spend a loooooong time erasing hundreds of pictures just like this, Courtney had the best idea.  He went into our dear, sweet little Ryenne's room and snagged her ipod.  After which, he and I spent a fantastic fifteen minutes snapping as many obnoxious pictures of ourselves as we could.  We knew she'd love them.  Especially the kissing ones, cuz you know, what does a twelve year old like better than forty-two pictures of her parents kissing?  We knew she'd like those so much that we changed her wallpaper to a "here's my mom and dad kissing" shot.  As you can guess, she loved it. 

Just like we thought she would.

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