Sunday, November 25, 2012

fright for sight

Last spring, I followed a link to an incredible blog titled Carefree Timelessness, written by a mom whom I've never met but have come to admire as I've read about her and her husbands efforts to teach their children the value of service.  If you take the time to read about what they have done as a family, I'm sure you will be inspired as I was.  One post that I especially liked was one in where she talked of organizing a service club for her teenage son.  I was so inspired by her idea, and like her, also had been wanting to help Ryenne establish lasting friendships with girls who were good and kind- that I talked to a few other moms and we decided to help the girls do a club of their own. 
These cute girls have had a lot of fun together.  My talented friend Valerie even helped design t-shirts for them with their motto, "I WILL"!   We can't wait to keep it going. . .
In October the girls helped our friend Meagan organize a 5k race for special needs in our area, specifically for retina research.  Her daughter (and Claire's buddy) Reese has an eye disease which is causing her to go blind.  We love Reese and the girls had a lot of fun helping get ready for the race.  Since it was the week before Halloween, it was titled, "Fright for Sight".  The girls couldn't wait to make costumes to wear to it, and so the night before the race, they all got together to make "alien" costumes.   It was quite the scene but they had a ball!  Even though a few of them couldn't make it to the race, the girls had a great time.  We were so thankful that Meagan let them be a part of what turned out to be a fantastic opportunity!

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