Monday, November 19, 2012

our daddy is a super hero


This year, instead of having Happy Father's Day, we decided to celebrate our daddy with a Happy Father's Week!  The girls made a big letters to hang in the kitchen to celebrate, along with cute little paper dolls of their Dad.  I loved the way Ryenne made a little paper doll of Courtney in his T&L work clothes, along with messy hair and dirt on his face.  That's the way they often see their dad come home from a hard day at work! 
Each day we tried to do something to tell Courtney how much we love and appreciate him.  My favorite was the day Ryenne made a little sign for each of the girls to fill out which read, "My Daddy is a Superhero because. . ." 

"Daddy is a superhero because he is the nicest, coolest dad.  He workes so hard to earn mony for our family. 
He is trying so hard to improve himself when He doesn't need to any more. 
 Love, Kate"
"Daddy is a superhero because he saves my world from tradgedy, earthquakes, gossiping tornadoes, and friend eruptions.
Love, Ryenne"

"Daddy is a superhero because he helps me and he is nice to me and he is the best dad ever. 
 Love, Emmy"
"Daddy is a superhero because he gives me kisses and lets me go to work with him. 
He rock-a-byes me in the rocking chair.  I know he loves me because he gives me hugs and kisses. 
Love, Claire"

"Daddy is a superhero because he works harder than any daddy I know and still comes
home and helps us here without ever complaining. 
He is smart, handsome, and can figure out how to do pretty much anything. 
Love, Mom"


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Stephanie said...

Such a cute idea! Your girls did a great job.