Sunday, November 25, 2012

samuel at one year old

Mister Samuel, we can't believe you are already one year old!  We're sure glad you are here with us though!  At one year old, you are sweet, cuddly, and definitely the favorite brother around this place (a role you come by easily, although you earn every bit of it)!  You love to give hugs, and often walk up and give them to people you don't even know.  They aren't just pretend hugs either, your hugs are the real deal- a tight squeeze around the neck that often lasts several minutes.  We all love the way you lay your head on our shoulders while you give us a hug.  Whether at church, family gatherings, or even the doctor you are quick to smile at everyone and have a way of making everyone feel like they are your favorite.  Lots of people talk about Sam's "contagious smile"!

You love your daddy and especially like to wear his hats!  If you can find one, you put it one and strut around with a big grin on your face.  You giggle and squeal when you realize Dad is awake or home from work, which makes him pretty happy too.  It makes me so happy to see my two boys together.  I sure love you two!

Your sisters make you laugh an awful lot.  You love to follow them around and they are getting pretty smart about keeping their doors shut so you don't get in and cause a ruckus.  If we want to wake them up without making them grouchy, we take you with us and lay you next to them.  They can't be too grouchy with you around! 

You are happy but busy and spend your time getting into any cupboard or drawer that you can manage to open!  You don't require entertaining, but I have to be careful when it's too quiet!  That usually means you are into something!  You are a great sleeper and still take at least two naps a day.  I think you need the extra sleep because you need a rest from all the chaos around here!  You love your swaddling blankets, and it's a good thing we have six of them, because you drag them from room to room.  If you leave one in a room and can't find it, you just pull out another.  At any given time, our house usually has one of your blankets in almost every room!  You love to suck you thumb and have a knack at inspecting your blanket until you find that just right corner, which you hold under your finger on the crook of your nose- just like your sister Ryenne used to do!

We sure love you Sam, so glad that you came to make our family complete!

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