Sunday, November 25, 2012

a once in a lifetime opportunity

The temple Open House was a great experience for our family.  We have been looking forward to the completion of the temple for two years, and so to participate in the open house and dedication was so exciting for everyone.  Courtney and I loved being ushers, and it was wonderful to go as a family through the temple before the dedication.  We went together as a family the day before school started, and then a friend and I took the girls one morning before school so they could see the Bride's Room.  That was a really great opportunity, and we loved having a little bit more time to look at everything.  The morning light was beautiful, and I think the girls were able to notice everything a little bit more the second time.  The picture above is a huge mural that was assemble from different tiles painted by members of our temple district.  I was able to paint one, and loved seeing it as part of the completed mural.

We were so excited that Ryenne was able to participate in the Temple Celebration.  She had an amazing experience.  The youth put in so much time for many months preparing, and it was incredible to see how it all came together.  To see that many youth out on the field with the temple in the background was very touching.  The next day, our whole family was at Grandma's house after the dedication, and it was fun to watch as the kids talked about their experience together, as almost all of the older cousins live close enough to be in the temple district. 

We are so thankful to have a temple so close - something we had only dreamed about.  We will never forget being a part of it.  The whole thing was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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