Sunday, November 25, 2012

pumpkin patch

Along with being some of the best friends we could ask for, the John family grows some great pumpkins!  The past few years they have been super generous and have offered to let us go to their pumpkin field to pick our pumpkins.  It seems we never make it in the daylight, so it makes it even more fun. The girls think it's quite the adventure.
This time was the first time we've had Dad along, which was great fun.  Apparently, Ryenne's job was to pester the younger girls by telling them creepy, scary stories, and Dad's job was to threaten her if she didn't stop by informing her she would be sleeping with all them that night when they had nightmares.  Ahhhhh, the fun. 
Oh.  And don't forget his other job.  Telling us, "Okay, that's enough" each time the girls brought another load of pumpkins to the pile into the car.  He apparently wasn't firm enough, because we ended up with a gazillion pumpkins by the time we got home! 

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