Sunday, November 25, 2012

halloween 2012

We had a terrific Halloween this year!  Each of the girls was thrilled with their costume (although Emmy changed her mind a few times at the last minute).  Kate was so excited because she and a few friends decided to be Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, and an elf (I don't have pictures of the elf yet).  Their little duo won their class costume contest! 

Emmy, who decided on Raggedy Ann for her final costume choice also won her classroom prize, although she was a little disappointed because no one knew who Raggedy Ann was (except the adults, of course)!

Ryenne and her friends wore their alien costumes, although a few of them chickened out when it came time to wear them to school.  I was proud of Ryenne for hanging in there.  That morning, I could tell she was a little nervous and asked me if I'd drive her so she didn't have to ride the bus.  Remembering my own 7th grade worries, I drove her and had to laugh when she told me on the way, "I'm just a little bit nervous that I'll get there and it won't really be costume day"!  I assured her it was, but then added that if she ever found herself in that situation, the trick is to just "own it" and act like you are having the time of your life!  (Although I don't think I was ever too good at that.)

Claire was all set on being The Little Mermaid, which I didn't think sounded that hard until I massacred the hand-me-down costume Aunt Kerri had given us as I tried to make it fit Claire.  A few hours before she needed to wear it, Courtney gave her costume a look and then told me, "You'd better call your mom".  (She's a costume hero!)  She salvaged it as much as she could and Claire was happy with the results- which is all that matters, right?  Win some, lose some- that's what I say!

After school, we ended up with quite the trick-or-treating crew!  We have told Ryenne and her friends that we will take them trick-or-treating as long as they would like to come with us (we're big fans of letting them stay young).  It got bigger and bigger until we needed two cars to haul our crew around- thanks to our second mom, Amanda it worked out great!  These kids were so much fun!  We made the rounds to our traditional stops (Courtney says we are "social trick-or-treaters") and had a great time.  After, we brought everyone back to our house for a bonfire, scary stories by Courtney, including the Pink-Whiskered-Wowser (the scariest of them all), donuts, and hot chocolate.  It turned out to be a late night, but one of my favorite Halloween nights yet!  Next year, we decided we need to rent an RV!

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Stephanie said...

Cute pictures--my girls had a blast and will always remember their very first Halloween in Tremonton thanks to you and your family!! So glad we know you.