Sunday, November 25, 2012

our annual ditch-the-pumpkin-walk party

October rolled around, and along with it that magical night when our family holds it's annual Ditch The Pumpkin Walk Party.  I had to laugh when the girls brought home the elementary school calender and Emmy said, "What night is the pumpkin walk?"  When we found the date, she said, "Yay!  That means we get to skip it!" 

'Cuz that's the way we do things around here. 

This year we decided to carve pumpkins for our party, as we didn't get that done last year and it was definitely on the Halloween bucket list this year.  We had lots of fun, a big mess, and a few tears (over designs gone wrong) by the time we were done.  All in all, a raging success! 

Ryenne, our resident artist, had envisioned a mummy pumpkin, but later found out that. . .well, that just didn't go all that well.  Instead, I (yeah, I saved the freaking day, that's what) had the idea to turn over the pumpkin and carve something that I knew she would love. 
And yes, she loved it.

Kate went with a classic witch theme, which turned out very well.

And Miss Emmy made a cute little face with freckles. . .just like hers!

Claire (who is currently enamored with Pirates of the Caribbean) was set on a pirate pumpkin.  Ever made one of those before?  We concocted something like a patch over it's eye and she was satisfied.  Here, she makes her best pirate face. 

Another great pumpkin-walk-ditching party hits the books!

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