Sunday, February 8, 2015

the haircut that broke my heart

This fall, I let Sam's hair get waaaaaay too long.  He could hardly see.  This boy haircut thing is tricky!  It grows so darn fast!  So after much persuading by the girls, and talking over strategy with our favorite stylist, Aunt Kelsey, we decided to go short.  (I tried telling Aunt Kelsey that maybe she should teach me how to cut it myself because it's hard to get appointments sometimes, but she didn't think it was such a good idea. Oh, she of little faith.)  We decided going short would give us a little bit longer between haircuts.

We were loving his funny faces once Kels started cutting.  She clipped the back super short, and then turned him around to take a peek in the mirror.  He made a funny face and smiled as told her, "Put my hairs back on!"  

We had to take a picture of his in-between punk haircut to send to dad.  I told him all he needed was skinny jeans and he'd be set!  (His dad's worst nightmare:  skinny jeans and punk hair!)  

When she finished the top off, I couldn't deny it.  He looked pretty darn cute.  But.  Look how much older he looks with short hair!  Not just a month or two- several years older!  

He sure did look cute with that little haircut, but I can't help myself.  He's wearing it long again.  

My baby can't grow up quite yet.  

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