Wednesday, February 11, 2015

cousins/best friends

Found these pictures on my phone the other day.  They were taken at my nephew's farewell before he left for his mission in the Czech Republic.  Needless to say, I smiled when I looked at them.  We were missing Mckell, who is serving her mission in Oklahoma (8 months to go!)  

These kiddos are the best of friends.  They have so much fun together and make me laugh so much.  I admit, I teared up a little that night thinking that from here on out, it will be an awfully long time before they're together again.  They'll leave on missions one after the next, which makes me so happy and proud of the great kiddos they are, but a little sad at the same time.  They're growing up!  And I love them all so much.  

Kye has a friend fighting cancer, and so he and his friends decided to shave their heads in support of him.  He asked David if he would do the honors.  Once again, a bunch of great kids.  (Who by the way, couldn't take a normal picture to save their lives!  

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