Wednesday, February 25, 2015

county fair fun

Sadly, we lost all the pictures from the fair that were on my phone, so we only have a few from Courtney's. 
I'm so behind, I can hardly remember anything about that week!  I do remember it was super cold- which was strange because we are usually dying of heat stroke in the lamb barn and this year we nearly froze!  It rained a lot during the days too.  It was just a strange year.  

We did venture over to an antique tractor display one afternoon, and the kids were especially impressed with this pink tractor!

Of course, Claire and Sam were part of the Pee Wee lead, which is kind of a pain in my you-know-what each year but always turns out to be a lot of fun.  And if I must say so myself, we've had some pretty good kid/lamb costumes over the years.  This year was pretty darn funny, but unfortunately we don't have any good pictures.  Claire and Sam were vintage bathing beauties, and the lamb was in scuba attire (complete with scuba fins which were hilarious).  Sam decided he was done with his goggles about two minutes into it, and the flowers had mostly fallen off Claire's swimming cap by the time this picture was taken, but you get the idea.  When they judge asked Claire about her costume, she said "We want to go swimming 'baaaaaaa'd'".   They won, of course :).

Aaaaaaand another year bites the dust.  

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