Monday, February 16, 2015

lake powell 2014

Lake Powell never disappoints as our kids favorite vacation spot.  They absolutely love everything about it! I'm so happy they get to experience it and love it so much.  We've been so lucky to be able to tag along with Grandma and Grandpa Croney each summer- I think it's one of the most highly anticipated events of the summer!  

A few highlights from our last trip:
1- Night wakeboarding/surfing with the three Croney boys.  The kids begged Ronnie and Courtney all week! I admit I was a little nervous to pull Courtney surfing in the dark, but the kids had an absolute ball.  And no, Grandpa didn't think it was the smartest idea.  But you're only young once, right?

2.  Sam trying "belly surfing" for the first time.  If you know Sam, you know about his cute, but very deep, growly, little voice.  He would tell us when he was ready to go by saying "Hit it slowly."  That was our favorite line of the week!

3.  As always, jumping off the house boat.  The kids especially love when Grandma gives them glow sticks to throw in at night, so they can jump in after them in the dark.

There's nothing better than a Lake Powell adventure!

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