Monday, February 16, 2015


We've always had a handful of nicknames for Kate.  Kater-bugs, Kate the great, and Bugsie are a few.  But I think my favorite is Katerrific!  She is such a terrific girl, and a great blessing to our family.  We can't believe she turned 12 this past summer.  I'm so far behind in my blogging that she's actually closer to thirteen than twelve now!  

Kate turned twelve just barely after our girls camp in our ward, but was thrilled when the Bishop thought she should go to camp.  The girls had a great time.  I was a little worried about her and Ryenne getting along, but everyone assured me that they did just fine :).  You never know!  The weather was freeeeeeezing cold, but the girls had a ball in the cozy yurt they were staying in- playing games and getting to know everyone better.  In fact, it ended up being Ryenne's favorite camp!  

On Kate's actual birthday, I asked her if she'd like to go shopping and have a girls day with me.  She was excited, and asked if she could surprise everyone by getting her ears pierced!  We did that first thing and although she was very, very nervous, she did just fine and was quite pleased with her new look!  

We spent the afternoon finding her some cute clothes and went to lunch together.  It was so much fun spending the day together.

A few things about Kate. . .She has a big heart.  She is very sensitive to others feelings, and especially to me.  If she knows she has hurt my feelings or gotten angry at me, she is quick to say she is sorry.  She has always been very perceptive of how I am doing, and if she can tell I am tired or frustrated, she tends to get everyone working together to help me out and work as a team a little better.  

Kate loves to learn.  She is a fantastic reader and is always begging me to take her to the library!  Sometimes I have to remind her that she has other things to get done too because she would read all day if I let her.  She's a lot like me that way!  She tries really hard at school and I never have to nag her to get her homework done, which is so nice.  

She's a great worker once she puts her mind to it.  She loves to go help Grandma and Grandpa Jones with the sheep, or any other chores they need done.  Out of all the kids, I think she enjoys working with the sheep the most.

Kate is her dad's biggest partner when it comes to cheering on the Patriots!  She loves watching football with him.  While the other girls are big fans, she is the one who watches every game (and gets a little irked if she has to miss part of a game!)  She knows the players, the stats, and this year made a chart to keep track of the playoffs.  She makes me smile, and makes her dad very happy!

We sure love Kate.  She is kind, smart, and beautiful.  She tries her hardest in everything she does.  She is good through and through.  We love our terrific Katerrific!

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