Monday, February 16, 2015

our little chore boy

These pictures made me laugh when I was downloading pictures.  Not sure who put him up to this or what he was doing (which describes a lot of the events in his life).  But I had to smile to see him hard at work because this kid loves to be helping, especially if it is outside!  I often let him fill up the wood box, feed the dog, and help with the garbage duties.  He loves to see what his dad is doing and then figures out a way to do that job too.  The other day I heard him outside in the garage and found him dragging the chainsaw out of the garage.  He was headed to the woodpile to cut some wood!  We have to be careful at keeping the keys to his dad's equipment out of reach because he thinks he is capable and sometimes gets keys stuck in the wrong ignition!  We love our busy Sam!

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