Monday, February 16, 2015

more croney reunion fun

Last summer's Croney Family reunion was held in conjunction with the cousin camp at Aunt Jodi's house.  As the weekend approached, the dads arrived and we had even more fun!  (We did give the kids a break from family history and had plenty of fun during the week too!)  

One afternoon, after some family history, we headed up into the canyons near Aunt Jodi's house to hike to the Timpinogos Cave.  Aunt Kerri was a trooper and stuck with Claire, motivating her to hike to the top!  After all that hard work, we found out she wouldn't be able to see the cave because we were short a few tickets.  This cute couple gave her their tickets so she could go inside.  They were also so cute to walk with us on the trail down, listening to her chatter and giving her snacks!

We also celebrated Kate and Carson's birthdays while we were there.  Not sure why Carson is wearing goggles :).  

The kids swam and played in the hot tub every spare second they had.  All of our girls ended up with swimmers earaches.  Thankfully, Aunt Amy came to the rescue with her ear drop concoction and got them feeling better. 

Of course, no Croney family reunion is complete without a little boating!  We spent a few days/evenings on the lake, with the kids hopping from one boat to the next the whole time!  I think it's safe to say that we've raised a whole bunch of fishes!

These cousins have so much fun together.  There's nothing better than family!

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