Monday, February 3, 2014

the weekend

This past weekend was a good one.  Nothing fancy- but those weekends are usually the best kind.  We had a house full of kids Friday night, bouncing off the walls while Courtney and I sat on the couch in our pajamas and read books.  (I told him we're getting really old.)  It was awesome.

Saturday was our Stake baptism day, which always makes for a great morning.  I arrived home to my Kate doing her best to tidy up (her dad had promised her something for her efforts, which always helps).  Ryenne and Emmy were off to Aunt Kelsey's to babysit little Gray.  Claire and Sam still in their pj's, which is the way a Saturday should be.  I should have gotten lots done, but I didn't. Instead I finished my book and took a nap.  Again, awesome.

To top it off, Court and I went on a hot date with Shawn and Kelsey that night.  We went to a movie (20 minutes late because that's how we roll- don't worry we waited til the next movie started so we could catch what we missed) and a nice little Italian place for a late dinner (with a heavy metal band rockin' out in the basement.  Our chairs vibrated through the whole meal.  For reals.)  And we laughed a lot.  It was a good time for sure.  We had to stop at the store one the way home to buy sour patch watermelons to take home because we are not above bribing our children to be sort-of-nice and not kill each other while we are way.

Sunday morning we woke everyone up and for five minutes or so the whole lot of them sat on our bed and we laughed about nothing in particular.  That doesn't happen very often.  You know, everyone happy at the same time for a  five consecutive minutes. . .so I wanted to make sure I remember that it happened this weekend!  I smiled as I watched us piled together.  Every now and again the stars align.

To top it off, Courtney got to watch Payton Manning lose the Superbowl last night.  He got smoked actually. You could say my husbands not a big fan of the guy.  I mentioned last night that I think he enjoyed watching Payton lose as much as he would have enjoyed watching his Patriots win.  He grinned.

I would say that weekends like this don't happen all that often.  I'm starting to think that sometimes the days that are the most forgettable are the ones I want to remember the most.  Just us, doing our thing. I mean, for the sake of being real here, I'm not going to say we didn't have our "Stop it, right now!!!!" moments. . .but all in all, this was a good one.

Hallelujah, amen.

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Darcie said...

Still checking in occasionally on this blog! Love to hear about you and your family Kelly. Congrats to Courtney on Peyton's big loss...