Friday, February 7, 2014

"dude, there's an elf in my stocking!"

When Claire saw Santa at grandma's cookie party this year, I was surprised to hear her request.  

She asked for an elf.

"A real one please.  Red and green, with pointy ears."

When it came time for her to write her letter to the Big Guy, she repeated her request (along with the cutest elf picture I ever did see).  

She happened to see Santa at school once again, who happened to mention that a real elf might not be a good idea, on account of Santa needing lots of helpers and also he might get sick when warm weather rolls around.  Elves are accustomed to the North Pole, after all.  Brrrrrr.

Well, did she get her elf, you wonder?

My favorite part of Christmas morning was this:  Courtney and I were snuggled tight in our bed, when Claire came running in and hopped in next to her daddy.  In the most excited little voice, she whispered, "Dad, I just sneaked into the family room.  Dude.  There's an elf my stocking!"

I love five year olds.

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