Friday, February 7, 2014

sam the student

One of the younger girls favorite thing to do is play school.  Emmy loves teaching her siblings, and comes up with fun activities, reward systems, and even uses a "clip chart" to keep track of her student's behavior.  Sam is typically not invited (for obvious reasons), but wants to go to school so badly.  The other day I finally talked the girls into letting him attend.

Upon dismissal of the class, I was given this note:

Dear, Parents,Your son Samuel Wood was very bad today.  He got to Paerent contact! on the clip chart.  please sign and bring back.__________love, miss Wood   (sign)
His homwork is to work on talking

Obviously, we need to work on his classroom etiquette.   I especially liked his homework assignment.  I have since conversed with his teacher and together, we are working on a few goals for this very problem.

Thank goodness for great educators.

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