Monday, February 17, 2014

Sam has a little cousin named Gray.  He's pretty darn cute and we're expecting the two them will become quite the buddies before long.  Whenever Sam grows out of any clothes or shoes, he will bring them to me and say "Gray?"  If I stop to see Uncle Shawn at the car lot about something, he asks, "Gray?"  And he (and any of the girls for that matter) think it is a super big bonus if we stop in at Grandma's house and find Gray there.

Courtney and I were laying in bed the night of Mr. Gray's first birthday and laughed right out loud when we got the following text.  (Also, we had all just spent the weekend at our family winter reunion with a WHOLE bunch of teenagers with electronic devices.  We may heard more than once about how picked on some of our kids are because anybody who is anybody has an iphone, snapchat, instagram, twitter, vine, etc.  And we may have made fun of them a few times about saying "SICK" when something is cool - I mean, isn't "sweet" still the code word for that?  Or how there is some sort of rule that says every text has to say "haha" in it at least once.  And we may have wanted to throw every one of those said devices out of the window by the end of the weekend.  :)  So anyway, it was a little late and we thought we were extra funny.)

 Of course Sam HAD to reply. . .

Ootw?  Courtney and I were cracking up when we figured out it probably means "out of this world"?  

Once we got going, we just couldn't help ourselves.  I can really see how teenagers get addicted to this texting thing.  LOL.  Haha.  #mykidsparentsarecoolerthanyours  


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