Friday, February 7, 2014

our last little addition

We are just now wrapping up our last (really!) addition on our home.  We've tossed around lots of ideas for expanding our family area and possibly adding bedrooms for a while now, but never quite arrived at what seemed like the right plan.  Finally, we decided that we were going to forget adding a bedroom in favor of the girls sharing (sorry girls- think of all the lessons you are learning. . .sharing, patience. . .you'll thank us later?!!!)  But while mowing the lawn this summer I was moved upon by the spirit with an idea to expand the dining room a mere 6-7 feet to give us more family space, but not have to tear up our beloved patio.  After a little persuasion, Courtney also saw the light and we decided it was the right plan.  

Court has been wanting to tear out the (non-working) chimney for a few years now and put in a wood burning stove so we decided it was the perfect time.  We finally decided to purchase an antique wood burning cook stove from Rhode Island that we'd been eyeing up for a few years.  Even though it's nearly 100 years old, I think it was made for my house :).   

We spent most of December living with my parents while we installed/refinished the wood floors.  And even though we still haven't finished trim and painting we are loving the space.  It really is amazing what 7 more feet can do to a room!  

Oh!  And as an added benefit, our stove is perfect for making indoor s'mores!  I knew it was a good idea!

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