Friday, February 7, 2014

our december staycation at grandma and grandpa's house

Because of our floor refinishing fiasco, we ended up staying with Grandma and Grandpa throughout most of the month of December (we always pick the best times to remodel).  Here's a few pictures of our adventures, yummy Sunday dinners (notice the girls name tags on the place settings, that's a regular at our house.  The girls have decided that whoever sets the table gets to decide who sits where!)  We helped decorate Grandma's house for Christmas, had fun making Christmas rolls, and made our traditional gingerbread houses.  I also spent lots of days in December down at our house trying to clean up a few of the inches of dust that had accumulated in every nook and cranny.  You know you have a mess on your hands when you vacuum and a cloud of dust billows up around you as you go.  

Thank goodness we have Grandma and Grandpa right down the road!  They saved the day!

(Can't forget all the fun the kids have with all of grandma's dress up clothes!)

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