Monday, February 24, 2014

just one more reason why i like having this guy around

I came into the dining room one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago and found this guy of mine sewing a ribbon on a pointe shoe.  The exact same thing I try to get out of by having Ryenne take her shoes to Grandma when they need fixing :).  

Also, Miss Claire has been after me for a while now, wanting me to give her a sewing lesson.  (I think it is actually a "teach me to sew right now so I can whip up a quilt or a dress" kind of request, and I have been putting it off because I think she might be a little disappointed at our progress?)

Not Dad.  She asked him to help her make a "satchel", so they made a satchel.  She was quite proud of it, and when we saw Aunt Nan at the library the next day, gave it away to Nan to use in her music lessons.  

 My favorite part of these pictures is Sam crying and hanging on Courtney's arm while he is trying to help Claire.  Such a part of our days at this stage of life. . .it always seems like everyone needs our attention right now!

Thank goodness we've got dad around so we can get something done around here.  (I just need to get him excited about my to-do list now!)

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