Friday, February 7, 2014

little things I want to remember

These two are quite the buddies lately.  And I love it.

The girls had little December reviews in each of their ballet classes.  I took mostly video, but saw this picture of Claire.  It's a little blurry, but made me smile because she was so proud of herself!  

Smoothie mustaches!

  I smile every time I see this picture.  I'm pretty sure it captured Sam's first snowball fight!  I'm thinking Claire will probably be involved with most of his "firsts"!  He has loved being outside this winter, and sometimes brings me his boots and snow clothes before the sun is even up.  

Someone found his sister's fingernail polish.  For some reason, he has a thing with painting his forehead.  Every time he gets into paint or markers, he goes for his forehead.  
I'm just thankful it hasn't been the couch (yet)!

The girls have spent a lot of time working with their dad this winter, chopping and hauling wood for the stove.  I don't know how much chopping they actually do, but it's pretty cute to watch them out there with him.  He even rigged up a little ax for Sam and Claire to use :)  Then, they fill the sled with wood and haul it to the house where they can stack it.  They'll thank us someday, right?  

Claire and Sam have been spending a lot of tub time this January.  It's a great way to keep them busy and happy!  They like to wear their swimsuits and goggles when they go "swimming" and I love to hear them giggle.

I was sitting on the couch in the dining room the other day and looked over to see Emmy with her arm around Sam.  It made my heart smile.  Those sisters sure do love this little guy.

Sam has loved the swaddling blankets we bought when he was a newborn (so have I, where were these when I had my first four babies?)  In fact, he has used them all so much they are starting to fall apart.  I found Claire the other day with a needle and thread, sewing the tear in his blankie.  Good thing I have this girl.  (Sam calls all of his blankies "Blue".  Before naps or when he is sad, we all go on a hunt for Blue.  I'm thinking I better invest in a few new ones!)

Emmy's class has been studying cultures, and the kids were asked to bring a visitor who could teach their class about a different culture.  She was so excited that uncle Shawn agreed to come and talk to her class about Korea.  Kate chose Korea for her World's Fair project also, so he's been our go-to man the past few weeks!  Emmy couldn't have been more proud of her special visitor!

Sneaked in for good night kisses the other night and found this sweet girl.  Part (ok, most) of me wishes she'd never grow up!

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