Sunday, January 13, 2013


A week before Christmas, Claire got sick, sick, sick.  It started out with throwing up, and we just couldn't get it stopped.  When I started seeing her lose her spunk, I knew things were serious!  I took her to see her favorite Dr. Brown ("my dr. brown," she calls him).  I was surprised when he suspected pneumonia.  Sure enough, it was pneumonia, and before we knew it, she was headed upstairs in a wheelchair to be admitted to the hospital.  She was so dehydrated they had a hard time getting her IV in and she was super brave with all the pokes (or super sick, not sure which). 

She was sure glad to see Dad when he arrived from work, and they spent the afternoon cuddled on her bed watching movies and coloring in one of her new coloring books.  Being the only pediatric patient for the day, she made a haul. 

It's already been a rough winter.  Lots of sick kids!  Poor Sam got pneumonia too, and the two of them spent the next week hanging out at home together!   The only thing I like about sick kids is getting to cuddle an extra bunch.  So glad to have them feeling better!

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