Sunday, January 13, 2013

our little candy snitch

Sam is a chocoholic.  I'm not sure who he gets that from?

We spent New Years with the Hurd Family in Island Park, and we laughed every time Sam arrived with a new stash of chocolate.  He has a definite knack for finding it just about anywhere.  He was so pleased with himself when he figured out how to open their fridge, and guess what the first thing he grabbed was?  A big bottle of Hershey's syrup!  That's my boy!

One of the girls favorite Christmas traditions is a little advent box that our friends gave us years ago.  For each day, I put a little note with a fun activity and a little chocolate treat for each of the kids.  One morning I came into the dining room to find Mr. Sam on top of the table with his hands full of chocolate kisses.  (Well, wrappers anyway!)  He couldn't get the wrappers off by himself, but he had figured out that if he put the candy in his mouth, he could suck out the chocolate and then spit out the wrappers. 

I'm pretty sure I'm raising a genius.   His chocolate IQ is amaaaazingly high. 

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