Wednesday, January 30, 2013

christmas eve and ugly sweaters

One of our favorite traditions is our Christmas Eve party with the Croney bunch.  Last year, we started wearing "ugly sweaters" which amped up the fun even more.  There were some pretty awesome sweaters this year!  I couldn't help but laugh every time we were in the middle of a somewhat serious conversation and I would look up and see one of the guys in their awesome sweater.  Classic!
I was pretty proud of our creation, if I must say so myself.  We traced each of our hand prints and made them into part of our reindeer antlers on our shirt.  Each hand print had the kids names in glitter.  I was hoping to add "Our family lights our way" in glitter, but ran out of time.  The shame!

After dinner, the adults always exchange gag gifts, which is always a highlight of the evening.  AJ and Jodi were pretty excited about the new hats they won, and can't wait to wear them to the boy's ballgames.  (The best part is that Kerri and Matt found those in the back of a certain Grandma and Grandpa's car when they bought it.  The only part that made me sad is that I never saw them walking around Las Vegas in those babies.)

We always have a rousing game of "spoons" to determine which present you get, and you might say it ended in a bit of a wrestling match.  Uncle Matt cheats.  Enough said.

Grandpa retired his role for the donkey in the nativity pageant, and thankfully KY took over.  We loved Ryenne, Cole, and Carson's version of the wise men, after which our family always has to sing Grandpa's "WE THREE KINGS" in our best voices.  I don't remember a Christmas without it.
We three kings of orient are,
tried to smoke a rubber cigar.
It was loaded and exploded
knocked us to a yondering star. 
(Had to record that for posterity sake).

Traditional new pj's picture!  Complete with new puppies and lots of cute, excited kids.  It's almost Christmas and they can't wait!

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