Tuesday, January 8, 2013

grandma's cookie party

One of the kids favorite traditions in December is Grandma's annual cookie party.  They love decorating (and eating!) cookies with their cousins, which they put on plates and take home to save for Santa on Christmas Eve.  These cousins are all the best of friends and I love watching them together.  Everyone hopes that Santa will come to the party too, and so far he's been one hundred percent, despite his busy schedule!  Grandma always tells the kids that of course he's invited, but she never knows if he'll make it or not! 

Is it just me or do Ryenne and Courtney look like they're trying to hide something (naughty behavior, perhaps?)  They look a little guilty to me. . .

Sam wasn't sure what to think!

As usual, Claire had plenty to say! 

The kids always get a little bag of treats with a special, perfect-for-them ornament from Santa every year.  This year, a favorite goody was a ring pop.  the kids had a great time reeling Sam in with their Ring pops, and then pulling them away at the last second!  He went for it every time.


Another fabulous cookie party!

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Stephanie said...

Love the ring pop picture too cute!