Sunday, January 13, 2013

christmas dresses

For the first time, I (deep breath) didn't get the girls matching Christmas dresses. 
It's killing me.

Courtney has been teasing me about matching dresses and jammies for years, because "don't you think they get bored of wearing the same dress for ten years?"  It's true, every time they outgrow one, there is another waiting in the hand-me-down box.  What's funny is that they don't seem to care, but I do get a little bit sick of them! 
But, the picture! Matching dresses, four girls!  It makes for one of those pictures- you know, the kind mothers dream of.
But alas, my Ryenne is growing up.  Finding the same dress for an almost teenager as her four year old sister gets a bit challenging.  So as much as it killed me, I dropped my tradition of matching everything this Christmas.  Plus, I didn't get any decent pictures at all, just crappy phone pictures.  I don't even have one picture of all of them together, in fact!
Fact is, I'm sitting here staring at these pictures of my girls and wondering what I've done.  Just yesterday, they were twirling in circles in matching red, ruffled dresses.  (Okay maybe it was five years ago?)  Next thing you know, they're gonna want to move out.

My whole world just  fell apart.  All because of four mismatched dresses.

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