Sunday, January 13, 2013

christmas in nauvoo

We were excited when our ward planned a night of "Christmas in Nauvoo".  A few friends kept teasing Courtney that he would make a great Joseph Smith because of his long locks.  I had a good laugh when we got a phone call a week or so before from the panicked director, asking if he would take the part because the one who had been asked would be out of town for work.  If you know Courtney, you know how excited he was to be the center of attention!  Not very, that is!  In fact, when his sisters found out he would be playing the part, they had a pretty good chuckle.  This guy of mine is happiest doing the work behind the scenes, not up in front! 
Since he was Joseph, I was asked to be Emma.  We were a little worried about what to wear, but my parents hooked us up with some friends who are Civil War reenactors.  They were so generous, making sure we had everything we needed and teaching us what would have been historically accurate.  Actually, it was pretty fun playing the part for a night!

Joseph and Brigham

When we went on trek as a Pa and Ma several years ago, Courtney was a champion stick puller.  So, of course, all of the young men were anxious to see "Brother Joseph" pull sticks in the "grove".  I loved it when I found these pictures of the youth cheering them on.  Check out Kate's nervous face in the first picture, and then the look on her face as he wins in the second picture.  Could there be anything cuter?

Of course, the girls had to try thier hand at stick pulling, too! 

What a fun night in Nauvoo!


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