Friday, January 18, 2013

a few things that made me laugh lately. . .

1.  Last week I was changing Kate's sheets and found a note to the tooth fairy, (who is crappy at her job, by the way).  Really, that note had been there for weeks.  Weeks!  You just can't find good help these days.  Anyway, when Kate lost her tooth, she promptly misplaced it (which happens frequently around here) and so she wrote a note to give the good fairy a heads up.  "Dear Tooth Fairy,  I literally lost my tooth.  Love, Kate." 

I love that girl times one hundred million.

2.  Yesterday Sam started crying, which sometimes happens.  And when it does, it usually involves his sister.  The four year old kind.  And then we have a conversation that goes something like this.  "Claire.  If Sam is crying, do you remember what that means?  It means, HE DOES NOT LIKE IT.  Crying is his way of telling you."  Well.  Yesterday we were home and Sam's crying tipped his Dad off to a "Claire alert".   Courtney came into the dining room to find Sam in his high chair and Claire high-tailing it to her bedroom.  He didn't have to do much detective work, on account of her yelling, "Sorry Dad.  I gave him a knuckle sandwich" on her way to a self-imposed time-out.  A knuckle sandwich?  Poor Sam, that's what I say.

3.  Yesterday afternoon I accompanied Kate to her fifth grade maturation.  I guess I'm still ten years old at heart, because that whole thing makes me giggle.  In Kate's words, those pictures showed "way too much".  Only two more to go ('cuz the mister will be attending with Sam.)  Case closed.

Oh.  And this didn't really make me laugh, but I have been thinking about something.  Courtney and I have been watching Downton Abbey again.  Yesterday I was changing Sam's clothes and I said to myself, "Why, I am Mr. Samuel's Valet!"   After he was ready, I headed to Claire's room to get her dressed and thought, "Yes, and I'm most certainly Claire's Ladies Maid". 

Pretty soon I found myself driving the kids home and thought, "I do make a fine chauffeur".  As my day went on, so did my list of talents.  Head cook?  Check.  Assistant cook?  Yes, that too.  Chamber maid?  Why, I think so.  Butler?  I answer the door with distinction.  Footman?  First and second, thank you very much.  Lady of the house?  INDEED! 

You know what?  I AM the big house.

ps.  If you're not watching Downton Abbey, you should be.  (Everyone is doing it.)

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Britney said...

I love reading your blog. I know I'm in for a good laugh our a good cry. You are truly an amazing writer. Your Sam reminds me of Tayo. Tayo is a sugarhaulic! Sam and Tayo would have a heyday together. I literally almost cry every time I look at the most recent pictures of your girls. They are getting way too big. To me Ryanne is still a spunky 3rd grader, Kate is only beginning to read, Emmy is still in preschool, and little Claire is still napping with her binkie. We miss you guys. Some time when you bring the girls to ballet you need to stop by please. We're only like 2 minutes from your ballet studio. We'd love to see you!