Saturday, January 5, 2013

claire, our toothless wonder

We've always known Claire likes to do things her own way, so we had to laugh when she told us her front tooth was loose.  A lot earlier than our other kids, of course.  And when the dentist looked surprized about it at her last checkup, he let us know that not only was it a lot earlier than most kids, her loose tooth happened to be on the top instead of the bottom.  I guess most kids lose their teeth on the bottom first.  Not Claire.  She's never been one to follow the crowd.

Just this past week, Claire started telling us she had another loose tooth.  When we looked, we saw that it was really loose, as in snaggletooth loose.  It was hanging on by a thread and completely cock-eyed.  Since sister Ryenne was home sick from school, she came up with a great plan during all her spare time.  Claire was busy playing "Little House On the Prairie" (a favorite around here), when Ryenne talked her into the 'ol door and string trick.  After tying the string securely onto the snaggletooth, Ryenne was quite disappointed when the tooth held on.  Not one to give up so easily when it comes to trying new tricks out on her sisters (she's not nearly as determined when it comes to her own torture), she tried again.  And again.  Finally, on the last try the string was tied and before Ryenne could slam the door, Claire sat down hard in her little rocking chair and sure enough, the tooth came a-flyin'. 


So there you have it.  An easy, tried and true way to get rid of a loose tooth.  Creative (and bored) sister, string, door, and a rocking chair. 

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