Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin patch in the dark

Last week we decided it was time to get festive.  The best place to start?  The pumpkin patch, of course!  We have some friends who grew a patch this year and let us come and take our pick.  By the time we got there, it was dark.  The poor lighting did nothing to damper the spirit of things, though.  The girls were giddy at the sight. . . . and a little overwhelmed!  There were so many fabulous pumpkins to choose from!

Emmy and Kate each decided they wanted a middle sized pumpkin.  The girls helped Claire choose a leeetle, tiny baby sized pumpkin.  Ryenne wanted the biggest one she could find.

And me?  Well, I had to pick for me and daddy.  When I saw these two, I knew it was fate.  Lying there like two peas in a pod. . .or pumpkins on a vine (or something corny like that), I knew it must be fate.  Either that, or I was getting tired!

The girls were so happy as we lugged our pumpkins to the car and hauled them to their new home on the front porch.  We sent a picture to Daddy and a "wish you were here" text, and then I whisked everyone off to bed.  It was sweet autumn dreams for everyone. 

Happy fall, y'all!

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Jenny Stanger said...

I'm so happy I found your blog! Looks like a party in the pumpkin patch after dark. Can't wait to look through your other posts!